Several mockups of mugs and cups

Impress your customers with animated and static 3D mugs and cups mockups. We have free mockups that you can make right in your browser in less than a minute.

All you need

Forget spending hours looking for or putting together mockups in Photoshop. With just a few steps, your mockup is ready to be viewed from any angle by your customer.

Miscellaneous Mockups

We have all kinds of mugs and glasses on the market: magic mug, chrome, long-drink glasses, gin glasses, whiskey glasses, etc.

3D and Realistic

Our mockups can be rendered into realistic scenes with lighting, shadow and glow effects. You leave the mockup the way you want!

Your way

Customize colors, background, lighting, and even the appearance of materials at will. The possibilities are endless.

For different markets

It doesn't matter if you work with sublimation, laser transfer, screen printing or other customization process, we are prepared to serve you in the best possible way.

Benefits of mockups

Why use a mockup?

Whitney leaning against a railing on a downtown street
Mockup made in Rapid Mockup

Mockups facilitate the sale of your product, as your customer has a better idea of what they will receive after the production stage.

Imagine that you have created a beautiful mug, cup or glass pattern.

If you only send this print to your customer, it will be difficult for them to imagine the end result. This is where the mockup can help.

In addition, mockups are excellent for composing your product catalog, publishing on social media and website without the need to use real photographs, which are usually much more expensive and complex.

How to easily make a mug mockup

It's very easy and takes just a few minutes to achieve a professional effect:

1 - Choose the desired Mockup

Choose from our different models available

2 - Send the image

Choose your preferred image

3 - Customize

Modify the colors, layout and lighting to make it how you want

4 - Save the mockup

Save the mockup as an animated image or video